big secret
mixed media
The "Big Secret" is a multi-layered and diffusive installation about memories and nostalgia. It is based on the old children's game "Secrets", when children hide significant treasures, in the most common version of the game, burying them under glass. This is a documentary installation, all of its elements are stories about the secrets of my friends and relatives, in the process of research, many different algorithms were collected about how everything was kept in secret in childhood. These are collective memories, of wooden arrows and rusty nails, of penknives under the floorboards of the old parquet, of the most precious thing hidden in the thickets of wormwood, behind the barn. What is entwined with grass and flowers has long grown together with the landscape and other memories. Secrets are a symbol of the promises that people make to each other, they are scraps of the intimate, they are sincerity and covenants-promises.